Moving people safely and comfortably has been a passion of mine for 30 years, and not just in the air. As founder and chair of the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce Transportation Committee, a member of the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority Multi-Modal Working Group, and a member of Governor Patrick’s Transportation Transition Team in 2006, I’ve seen how better transportation alternatives improve both our economy and our quality of life. Flexbus service should be expanded. Most of our cars have a solitary driver; that’s an opportunity. Incentives to carpool need to be found, logistics improved. New leadership at the Regional Transit Authority, partnering with the Cape Cod National Seashore, gets people to and from our beautiful beaches without further clogging parking lots, and is a great model. The Cape Chamber of Commerce started a transit “smart guide” that is helping. But we all know that traffic jams, especially in summer, remain a serious problem. The solution is creating alternatives and diversity; “multi-modal” is the buzzphrase, but it’s also the way to go.