Of all our environmental challenges, keeping wastewater from polluting our drinking water, ponds, and shorelines is perhaps the most difficult, expensive, and crucial issue that affects us all. This is a problem that knows no town boundaries; latest reports suggest that effective wastewater treatment for the Cape and Islands will cost billions of dollars to implement in the years ahead. But it must be accomplished, to protect our economy as well as our environment, our quality of life as well as our legacy. My work on the Business Roundtable, the Cape Cod Economic Development Council, and the Chamber of Commerce focused on putting wastewater treatment and environmental protection front and center. I’ve learned that for these efforts to succeed, government at all four levels — local, county, state, and federal — must cooperate, and lead. As State Senator, I promise not just to do both, but to use the office to focus on this key issue, drawing funding and other support get this job done.